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Paralia of Katerini

Paralia of Katerini is a coastal area of Pieria on the shores of the Thermaikos Gulf with 1470 permanent residents and today is a district of Katerini. It is 8 km away from the city centre and due to its privileged geographical location, it has developed a remarkable tourist and commercial activity since several decades ago.

It was created in 1922 when refugees from Kios of Asia Minor settled for the first time. The main activities of the inhabitants were fishing, agriculture and transit trade of raw materials by sea until the late 60s when tourism industry prevailed.

Since then, there has been a rapid residential, economic and social development by attracting thousands of people and activities from all over Greece and abroad and it has become the region as we know it today.

For the visitor

  • Visitors can have a memorable experience while trying a multitude of activities….
  • Swimming and water sports
  • Shopping at the numerous stores
  • Restaurants with local cuisine, mainly seafood
  • Fun activities
  • Cultural activities and events

Easy access to the sights of the region, such as:

  • Archaeological Sites and the Museum of Dion and Vergina with the famous Macedonian tombs
  • Olympus, the mountain of gods with the rich history and the ecological interest (Olympus National Park, Monastery of St. Dionysios)
  • The ski resort of Elatochori in Pieria Mountains
  • The traditional settlement of Palios Panteleiomonas
  • The Platamon Castle

There are also organized tours and you can visit Meteora, Athens, Mount Athos, Thessaloniki etc.

IONI hotel is located in Paralia of Pieria, 7 km from the city of Katerini, 62 km (45 min.) from Thessaloniki and 440 km from Athens (4.5h). It is easily accessed either from the two main urban areas of the country or from anywhere else.

You can get there by train as the main railway axis ATHENS-ORESTIADA crosses the area.

By car through the ultramodern new highway (PATHE, EGNATIA) etc.

Transportation from the two main urban areas is quite regular while it doesn’t take more than an hour to arrive from the international airport “MACEDONIA” of Thessaloniki.